You Just Got Passed By RateFast

16 May 2013 / California Workers Compensation, Impairment Rating Specialists / Comments Off on You Just Got Passed By RateFast

Josh Moore's Enduro Bike: Race Fast, with RateFast!

Joshua Moore, corporate sponsored Enduro racer signs up to race for better impairment rating software.

A six pack of Northern California’s best beer traded hands.  A gallon of hi test gasoline was procured and added to the deal.  Like that, impairment rating software history was in the making.

Josh Moore, CPA, and amateur 250cc Enduro class rider, has become RateFast’s first corporate sponsored athlete.

The deal was formalized later that week on a bar napkin with a sharpie.

We could all feel the new buzz here at the RateFast team as racer Josh and director John Alchemy penned their names down on the contract. It felt like the revving of a motor, like the thrilling rush of wind as you ride down a steep mountain path….

Before the first race with the RateFast logo on his bike, I called up Josh Moore and spoke with him about his racing history, and how he got involved with RateFast.

Josh and John met at the legendary Santa Rosa Accelerated Charter School’s fifth grade trip to Camp Del Oro.  As they were hiking along behind their daughters they realized they had something else in common besides parenthood:  Dr. Alchemy needed an Excel specialist to help with RateFast’s upcoming release, and Josh Moore had an uncanny knowledge of the program.  The two teamed up and haven’t parted ways since.

Josh started racing motorbikes a few years back, and stepped up his game another notch when he began to look for more people to ride dirt bikes with. I asked him to describe why he likes racing, “It’s like an extreme hike,” he said.  “You get out, go camping, you’re with good people, and you get a little adrenaline rush—it’s just totally fun. “

This peaked my interest, as I’m an avid hiker, so I had to ask if there were any women in the sport.  He replied, “Some, but not many—there’s a women’s division, they’re out there, and they’re good!” After watching a few dirt-bike racing videos, I was hooked.

The first race happened a few weeks back. As Josh careened down the sharp turns and steep grades, the RateFast logo was a blur of blue speed passing the other bikes. Like all those doctors still doing worker’s compensation reports without our impairment rating software, the RateFast riding team simply left them in the dust. When I heard about the race I did a small fist pump, thanking that six-pack of beer and gallon of gas—once you RateFast, you never go back.


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