Tell Them What You Have

19 July 2012 / Chart Reviews / Comments Off on Tell Them What You Have

I provide a brief description of the chart prior to delving into the matter at hand.

A description of the “Medical documents relied upon” is a nice way to make your report different than everyone else. Start by describing the number of pages, or a close estimation. I use inches to the nearest 1/8 inch. I will next weight the documents to the nearest tenth of a pound.

This one really drives home the scope of work. My personal record is 46 pounds. You may comment on the date the chart was received, or if it was received in several shipments.

Then move on to the quality of the notes.

Are they good quality? Are they hand written? Are they in electronic or paper form? (Is there any food stuck to them?).

Describe the physical organization. Example, are they in five binders? What are the titles of the binders? Who provided them? Attorney, carrier, employer? Are the chart notes out of chronological order (indicating you had to invest extra time in organizing them yourself)?


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