Taking the Medical Impairment History from the Employee

31 July 2012 / Medical History / Comments Off on Taking the Medical Impairment History from the Employee

Let the first sentence put a picture in the mind of the reader: name, age, handedness, employer and number of days, months or years with the employer.

Let the worker tell you what they do, remember, details make your history memorable and fun to read. Listen to the first task they list and try to get a sense of the working conditions, the hours and tools they use.

  • Include both the physical and administrative functions of the workers.
  • What do they offer as their first and primary function on the job? What tools or objects do they use during the shift? Who do they report to, who do they supervise?
  • Work attendance history and disciplines/promotions
  • How much work has the employee missed, not just for this injury, but also in the past? Have they been promoted? Demoted or placed on a performance improvement program at any time?
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