RateFast Rides Against MS

14 August 2013 / California Workers Compensation, RateFast, Uncategorized / Comments Off on RateFast Rides Against MS

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is not fun. The chronic and crippling disease attacks the nervous system, and can cause paralysis and blindness. According to a certain pharmacist named Dr. Jamie Tobitt, MS often leads to some form of disability. Thankfully, he is taking action.

On October 19th, 2013, Dr. Tobitt will ride out with his team against multiple sclerosis in the National MS Society's 31st annual MS Bay to Bay Tour, with the RateFast logo rippling above their speeding wheels.

He and a few thousand other riders will ride a whopping 100 miles through Southern California's notorious heat and beautiful landscape over the course of two days—a good exercise for both the physical and the figurative heart.

What motivates Dr. Tobitt to embark on this velocipedic odyssey from Orange County to San Diego's Mission Bay? As it turns out, cycling on behalf of MS patients is something of a habit for Dr. Tobitt—this will be his fifth year riding the Bay to Bay.

"I worked in the MS area and learned how this disease destroys neurons inside patients' brains in the prime of their lives," Dr. Tobitt says. Even though he no longer works in the MS area, he says that he is "inspired by the stories of the patients and their physicians trying to do whatever they can to slow down the disease and hold off disability." He is co-captain of his team, which is called Team Tiki Ha Ha. Most of the team’s members have friends or family members who suffer from or are affected by MS.

When he's not riding for MS, Dr. Tobitt spends time with his family, listens to David Bowie and The Black Keys, plays jazz trumpet, and works as a Managed Care Liaison in the Medical Affairs department of Vertex Pharmaceuticals.

"I enjoyed chemistry in high school," Dr. Tobitt recalls. "But I didn't know what a chemist actually did Monday to Friday." His original conception of a career as a pharmacist was "a corner druggist in a small town... maybe with a soda fountain." While in school, he came to understand that a pharmacist is actually an active part of a medical team.

RateFast is sponsoring Dr. Tobitt and Team Tiki Ha Ha in part because MS is a disease that may eventually leads to impairment or disability.

But RateFast co-founder Dr. John Alchemy and Dr. Tobitt have been professional and personal friends ever since Dr. Alchemy's medical training at University of California, San Diego. "I am impressed with the idea of RateFast and how Dr. Alchemy has answered an unmet need with a new, unique, and useful tool," Tobitt says. "We are absolutely thrilled to have a sponsorship from RateFast."

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