RateFast and Goliath

30 August 2013 / California Workers Compensation, Medical History, RateFast / Comments Off on RateFast and Goliath

Everyone recognizes Michelangelo's statue of David, which today stands proud, tall, and butt naked in the Signoria Accademia Gallery. However, not everyone knows that the carving of Michelangelo's David began before Michelangelo was even born.

1464, Carrara, Italy. The marble quarry is jagged with the cut away chunks of stone. Miners cart a seventeen foot tall chunk of mountain toward Florence. Within this stone, beneath layer after layer, chip after chip, stands a symbol of fierce pride, culture, and strength.

Photo credit: Hans Thijs

The artist Agostino was contracted to make the statue of David, but he abandoned the project for unknown reasons. A decade passed, and Antonio Rossellino was brought in to finish Agostino's work. But Rosselino's involvement was also short lived, and the block of marble was left out in the yard of the Florence Cathedral's workshop, where it weathered the elements for 25 years.

In 1501, nearly half a century after the project began, 26 year old Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni outcompeted Leonardo da Vinci and other more experienced artists for the contract to finish the statue of David. After two years of attending to the stone, Michelangelo succeeded in crafting one of the Western culture's most significant works of art.

Michelangelo's piece shows David prior to fighting Goliath, unlike Donatello's and Verrocchio's statues of David, which show the biblical figure holding the monster's decapitated head, already victorious. Scholars interpret Michelangelo's David as a snapshot of the moment after David has made the decision to fight Goliath, but before actually defeating him.

The statue, whose stoic face points towards Rome, announces the change coming to a land, a culture, a time. In the world of California Workers' Compensation, RateFast points toward a new future—a future where the efficiency and accuracy of medical legal reports is prioritized, and where doctors, insurance adjusters, and injured workers can rest easily, knowing that their impairment rating is accurate, and incontestable.

David's confident expression and relaxed posture symbolize RateFast's approach to the Goliath of today's worker's compensation system. You don't need armor and swords to tackle the rules of the A.M.A. guides—a well placed impairment rating, shot from the sling of RateFast, is all that it takes to bring that giant down, and allows everyone to go home early.

For more information on Michelangelo, visit Artsy.net's wonderfully helpful page on the artist's life and works.

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