Preparing for the Independent Medical Exam

17 November 2011 / Impairment Physical Exam / Comments Off on Preparing for the Independent Medical Exam

The AMA Guides 5th Edition have work tables at the end of each orthopedic chapter to organize the exam. If you are new to the report writing business, I suggest the reader take time and carefully look over these comprehensive templates. Use these templates for your first several exams to insure you do not leave out important measurements in the exam.

As you increase your number of exams, I have found it most beneficial to edit down these templates to suite my exam style. Regardless of which approach used, the goal is to standardize the collection of your measurements in a way that will expedite the writing of the report and impairment calculations in a manner that the reader can easily follow your steps, and if necessary, another physician can reproduce.

Key to success

Keep in mind the ratable findings and measurements before preparing for the exam-- example: knee crepitus with a history of direct blow trauma is ratable is ratable (page 544, Chapter 17, The Lower Extremities Table 17-31 footnote, AMA Guides 5th Edition, AMA Press, 2004).

This positive or negative finding would be specifically reported in the exam.

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