Phil Walker, Esquire & Impairment Rating Specialists

14 February 2012 / Impairment Rating Specialists / Comments Off on Phil Walker, Esquire & Impairment Rating Specialists

Phil Walker, Esq.Phil Walker, Esq. has over 25 years experience in representing California’s largest airlines, shipyards, steel companies, retailers, universities and insurers. He also specializes in Longshore claims and is a member of the bars of California, New York and the District of Columbia.

Phil Walker, Esq. is an educator, professional speaker, author and AMA Guides expert well recognized in California. Phil Walker, Esq., owns Walker Companies, a California Law Corporation that offers AMA report review services to California’s largest businesses (Macy’s, UC California, Wal-Mart). Report review services insure physician rating reports are legally compliant with the AMA Guides. Mr. Walker is an expert in California employment and Worker's Compensation law. Walker Companies perform comprehensive legal services and consulting for employers, physician practices, and insurance carriers who want to improve their standards of care, and place high value on returning injured workers to their jobs. He is the author of The AMA Guides Made Simple and is a noted public speaker.

Phil Walker is proud to be partnering with Dr. John Alchemy and Impairment Ratings Specialists to provide correct AMA reports and results for injured workers and the California Workers’ Compensation industry.

Walker Companies and Impairment Ratings Specialists are innovators in the industry working tirelessly to meet this goal. The goal is simple: “Make California’s Workers’ Comp Work”.

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