Paper vs. CD Rom Medical Records?

16 July 2012 / Medical History / Comments Off on Paper vs. CD Rom Medical Records?

This is really a personal preference.

My preference is always the electronic scan. Some people feel cheated without the ability to hold and move papers. I never consider myself deprived BUT there is a downside (like so many things in life).

If you are going to do a successful and efficient review of electronic medical records, you need to have a solid foundation in Acrobat Adobe. I also STRONGLY recommend obtaining the full Acrobat Adobe program.

Trying to review a large amount of medical documents without the full Adobe program is like trying to mow your lawn with a pair of scissors. It can be done, but you will simply not like it.

The Adobe full program will allow you to convert most decent quality chart notes to “Optical Character Recognition” (OCR)documents. This means you can cut and paste sections of notes directly from the electronic chart into your review document. Proper use of the program will give you incredible leverage and time savings. OCR will also allow you to search the electronic documents for key words or phrases. There are many good books currently available to short cut the learning process on Adobe. Find one, read it, and keep it close to your computer.

It is also very green to use the electronic form of records. Think about all the time and energy invested in copying, packaging, and mailing the chart for the third, fourth and fifth time in the claim.

Invest the several hours in learning Acrobat Adobe, and in no time you will be slicing and dicing the chart like nobody’s business. Hence I always call for the chart in electronic form. I think Phil’s term for this level of mastery is “The Jedi Knight Master”

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