NEWSFLASH:  90% of AME Reports are Incorrect

09 August 2012 / Impairment Rating Specialists / Comments Off on NEWSFLASH:  90% of AME Reports are Incorrect

NEWSFLASH:  90% of AME reports are incorrect; 72% of QME reports are incorrect; the average overpayment is $17,500 per report.

My Team and I have reviewed over 2,500 reports from California physicians under the AMA Guides.  On average, those reports provide PD $17,500 more than the law specifies.  AME's are the worst, with 90% of their reports incorrect.  QME's are second worst, with 72% of their reports incorrect.

What does that mean?  It means you will be overpaying $17,500 in most of your cases, unless you use Achem's Razor.

Achem's Razor means finding the simplest solution to a problem.  Identify the right problem, then apply the simplest, most effective solution.

1.  What is the problem?  Using the wrong doctors.

2.  Solution:  Use the right doctors.

3.  How can I find out who they are?

a.  First, use doctors associated with Impairment Rating Specialists.  I have hand-trained each of those doctors on the AMA Guides.  They do correct ratings.

Think of it.  If you use a doctor who does the rating correctly, then there is no need to write the doctor to get a corrected rating, no need to depose him, nothing the DEU can do to screw up the rating, and you have a report on which you can settle the case.

Using the right doctor saves you time, money, and effort.  That is Achem's Razor--the simplest, most effective solution for the problem.

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