Neurological Focused Exams

10 May 2012 / Impairment Physical Exam / Comments Off on Neurological Focused Exams

Neurological Focused Exams should include documentation of cranial nerves 2-12, and vision screening corrected with lenses or pin hole if appropriate.

Comment on:

  • facial symmetry,
  • light and sharp touch,
  • cold and warm perception,
  • motor grade testing (0-5 Grade Testing, page 484, Table 16-11, Chapter 16 Upper Extremity, AMA Guides 5th Edition, AMA Press, 2004),
  • deep tendon reflexes, long tract findings (clonus and plantar reflexes),
  • in addition to coordination (finger to nose, heel to shin motions), and
  • testing for ataxia (tandem gait testing and Romberg testing).
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