My Boss is Not Following the Instructions

26 December 2012 / Chart Reviews / Comments Off on My Boss is Not Following the Instructions

“My boss is not following the instructions” -- is common feedback on the follow up clinic visit.

What to do? My solution has been to obtain the telephone number and name of the supervisor immediately in the room and make a speaker phone call. When all parties are on the phone there can be no misinterpretation about the discussion and the expectations of return to work.

Claiming that the boss is not following restrictions is not a reason to put the worker entirely off work. Often the employee will cite that it is uncomfortable to bring up the issue of work activity with the employer or in front of other workers.

In this situation I do the following:

“Mr. Smith, it sounds like you find yourself in an uncomfortable position with raising the issues of following work recommendations. I completely understand. The next time this issue arises I would like you to give my card to your supervisor and ask them to call me immediately. Please inform your supervisor that we have formulated these instructions to prevent your condition from worsening, and as such, please have your boss call me prior to performing the activities. If any problems remain I would encourage your employer to actually come into the clinic so we can come up with a plan that works for everyone”.

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