Medications in a Legal Medical History Report

05 July 2012 / Medical History / Comments Off on Medications in a Legal Medical History Report

Medications may be one of the areas most often overlooked in the medical legal report, which is interesting because they make up a significant portion of the overall cost of health care dollars on an ongoing basis. In addition, to being expensive, medications can also result in serious side effects and problems. These two concepts together can equal a big deal.

Most applicants, you will find, consider over the counter medications to not be “medications”. If you use a question intake sheet and do first visit injury care, you understand what I mean. Often the section on medications used for this injury is blank.

On closer questions, however, you will discover that when you are outlining a treatment plan, the applicant will often say, “No, I used that already” in reference to Motrin, Tylenol and some of the more common over the counter pain preparations.

So when opening the discussion about medications, clarify that over the counter medications do count as “medications”. This also included any “supplements’ or “vitamins” they have purchased with the intent to treat their pain or symptoms.

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