Keys to Success for Chart Reviews

08 July 2012 / Chart Reviews / Comments Off on Keys to Success for Chart Reviews

In the following, I will provide my experiences on how to be successful in reviewing the medical record chart. I will explain how to avoid frustration.

There are many subtleties to the chart review that may be easily overlooked. Mental preparation is an essential key to success. No one likes to receive an organized stack of papers.

Check your emotion before you begin the chart review process, because you will find your ability to be open to the information may be subconsciously impacted. You must have a method to approach the task. The approach has to be deliberate and focused.

When performing the medical legal exam there may be no medical documents available at all. Records that are available may vary greatly in quality. The notes may be third generation photocopies, hand written office visits, or even small post it notes included in the chart from ancillary staff.

All of this must be analyzed for significance and value.

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