In Summary: A Well Prepared Chart Review

11 October 2012 / Chart Reviews, How To / Comments Off on In Summary: A Well Prepared Chart Review

A well prepared chart review will separate your report from all those before it.

The reader will welcome a comprehensive, yet economical review of the documents, be they five, 50, or 5,000 pages.

Your role is to organize and weigh value to the contents, while searching all documents you have been provided.

These documents include the longest consultant note down to the incidental photo copied post it note. Look for subjective and objective trends that support your conclusion.

Finally, a link needs to be made that will bring together your first hand information and check it with the experience of other examiners.

Chart review is a practiced skill. Develop a repeated method when approaching the chart and you will be less likely to miss valuable information. Your report will be stronger.

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