How Many Pages Did You Say

12 July 2012 / Chart Reviews / Comments Off on How Many Pages Did You Say

The chart arrives. I want to discuss the “arrival” of the chart, because this can add to the drama of the medical legal evaluation. The arrival of a Fed Ex package or mailer pouch is the typical presentation of the chart.

I personally enjoy custom packaging. Boxes have potential for “personality”. My personal favorites include the Nike shoe box, a cereal box, and my all time favorite…a cut down Jack Daniels cardboard box.

Nothing, however, matches the UPS truck pulling up at the curb with the banker’s boxes. It is usually at this point the evaluator may experience a sense of fear, or all out terror. A single banker box holds exactly 5,000 sheets of 8 ½ x 11” paper. Electronic medical records can be a sleeper. A CD rom can hold up to 20,000 letter sized white and black letter pages. That’s four banker boxes. Remember what I said earlier about checking your emotion. Fortunately you have this blog

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