Every Good Story Has An Ending

27 June 2012 / Medical History / Comments Off on Every Good Story Has An Ending

You have put a lot of effort into writing a careful history, but how does the history end? How was it at the end of the day, that the applicant ended up in your office? Was the applicant required to attend this visit by the adjuster, or an attorney? Were they unhappy with prior medical care? If yes, why?

Think about this section of the history as the “Exit Interview” of the applicant. If you are still unclear as to how they got here, ask more questions. I always table these questions as an opportunity for the applicant to “let us hear your side”.

You will find that much of the emotional tone of the claim can be found at the close of the interview if done correctly, but it will require a conscious effort. You will have to do some reading between the lines at times, but it will give your history that added flavor for the reader that will set your report apart from all of the others.

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