Discuss Your Clinic's Work Note with the Employer

09 January 2013 / Chart Reviews, How To / Comments Off on Discuss Your Clinic's Work Note with the Employer

Take a close and critical look at the format of your clinic’s work note. You will find that some employers have their own form for administrative reasons. This is sometimes an unavoidable situation.

You may find a maze of confusing options, or options that very slightly with poorly defined terms and time frames. In a poorly designed employer work status note, I will often look for the comment sections, and write in common sense limitations as outlined above. I may also reference my clinic check out functional instructions.

The most important issue, however, to have a clear discussion in advance with the employer so they understand your philosophy of return to work policy, and become familiar with the practice’s policies.

Educate the employer on why “time weighted” instructions are used and their practical application.

Communicate the common goal of returning the injured worker to the workplace under any reasonable circumstances.

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