Clarifying Return to Work Instructions for the Injured Worker

13 November 2012 / California Workers Compensation, How To / Comments Off on Clarifying Return to Work Instructions for the Injured Worker

As doctors, we have all gotten the phone call from the either the employee or the employer asking for clarification on what the employee can and cannot do.

Often the indications for the recommended work functions are unclear, poorly described, or simply left up to the employee and the employer to figure out how to best "get along".

The problem with this any of these options is that they leave the interpretation and necessity for work functional limitations up to interpretation.

Employees and employers frequently look to us to guide the rehabilitation process, and clearly outlining the employees duty is central to that service.

The employer wants a safe return to work environment, and needs specifics to determine if return to work accommodations can indeed be made. The employee is concerned about worsening of symptoms or anticipated worsening of symptoms.

A review of "Definitions for Work Load Classifications in a Return to Work Note," may aid the medical provider in clarifying the intent and medical necessity of outlining return to work instructions for the injured worker.

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